The 30th was a fundraiser I hosted for my 30th birthday, in lieu of a birthday party:

Many of the people I know who have recently turned 30 have become extremely depressed about "growing old". My perspective on turning 30 has always been very different; I've been looking forward to 30 for years! A 30th birthday shouldn't be filled with mourning for the loss of youth—it should be a celebration of accomplishments and things to come.

Seeing the success of HoHoTO (a community-grown fundraising party which raised $25,000 for Food Banks Toronto in December 2008), I decided that for my 30th birthday I would do something to give back to the community.

Choosing SickKids Foundation as the benefactor was an obvious choice; SickKids gives hope to families in their darkest hours, and I could see nothing more fitting than turning a 30th birthday celebration into the opportunity to give so many children the opportunity to celebrate a 30th birthday of their own.

The 30th will be a social mixer in Kitchener-Waterloo to benefit SickKids Foundation. There will be great food, music and a silent auction.

-Julianna Yau Yorgan, The 30th Event Coordinator

The 30th raised over $6,000 for SickKids Foundation, with the silent auction brining in over $1,700.

The 30th Fundraiser for SickKids Foundation